Being a nice person is so fun

Waiter messes something up? You can see the relief on their faces when you don’t scream and swear at them about it

Extra tickets at an arcade/prize place? Watch a little kid’s face light up when you give them a bunch of tickets

There are too many assholes in this world. Be a nice person.

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What researchers discovered was surprising: Those who are described as ‘agreeable, conscientious personalities’ are more likely to follow orders and deliver electric shocks that they believe can harm innocent people, while ‘more contrarian, less agreeable personalities’ are more likely to refuse to hurt others.

The study also found that people holding left-wing political views were less willing to hurt others. One particular group held steady and refused destructive orders: ‘women who had previously participated in rebellious political activism such as strikes or occupying a factory.’

Psychologists Have Uncovered a Troubling Feature of People Who Seem Nice All the Time - Mic

u dont fucken say

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haha hoho I am not surprised in the least that people who prioritise niceness are more likely to be morally bankrupt

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In other news: sky blue, water wet. More findings to follow.

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“If you’re happy in a dream…does that count? The happiness–does it count?”
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Reblogging this good news…again.

y’all know EXACTLY why this isn’t everywhere. don’t pretend to be oblivious

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Love “Da Man Wit the Chips” but Jameila White is the new “Protest MVP.” #staywoke #trill 

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Yoga guru BKS Iyengar dies at 95
The Indian legend is largely credited with bringing yoga to the West.

“You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.”

Eliezer Yudkowsky 

Being a “product of their times” is no excuse. Never let someone off the hook for bigotry. 

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“Demanding that women close our legs and calling us whores for planning our pregnancies confirms the feminist suspicion that opposition to contraception and abortion is less about “life” than it is about a sense that sexually active women are doing something wrong and should be chastened for it.”



This literally made me cry people in Ferguson are terrified for their lives. Scared of the people who are suppose to protect them.

This is too much.

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Tear gas



Do not wear contact lenses if you are in a situation where you may be tear-gassed.  When I went through basic training, we were warned that there was a possibility the tear gas they were using could melt contact lenses.


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“In the United States, access to tampons and pads for low-income women is a real problem, too: food stamps don’t cover feminine hygiene products, so some women resort to selling their food stamps in order to pay for “luxuries” like tampons. Women in prison often don’t have access to sanitary products at all, and the high cost of a product that half the population needs multiple times a day, every month for approximately 30 years, is simply, well, bullshit.”